[ Eliza Weaver Bradburn, children's author and daughter of Rev. Samuel Bradburn, 'the Methodist Demosthenes'. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Eliza W. Bradburn') [ to Rev. S. Walker ] regarding the sale of her 'little books', and her 'Missionary capes'.

Eliza Weaver Bradburn, children's author and biographer of her father Rev. Samuel Bradburn (1751-1816), 'the Methodist Demosthenes' [ Rev. Samuel Walker of Nottingham ]
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'At G. Laishley's Esq. | 71 Finchley New Road | St. John's Wood | London'. 5 December 1856.
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3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. The letter indicates that Bradburn was deriving some sort of income from the sale of her books, and was making 'Missionary capes', possibly for charity. She writes that she is concerned that 'the two notes written to Mrs. Walker and the one to yourself, were not received', and asks whether ''the Missionary Books' and magazines were sent to him as ordered, 'I trust Mr. Thomas Walker had the dozen for which he kindly prepaid me.' She has 'an affectionate respect for Mr. and Mrs. Walker and Mrs Scarth', and would like 'a report of their health, &c. She continues: 'If any of my little books are sold, I should be glad of the amount in Postage Stamps before Christmas Day'. She has to 'finish Missionary capes, &c, soon', and cannot 'spare time to write long letters, or many a page might be filled with the care of my heavenly Father over me the last seven months, supplying my wants, and prospering the work of my hands in aid of his blessed cause'. From the papers of Rev. Samuel Walker of Nottingham.