[ 'The Higher Butterfatters' League'; MS. ] Anonymous humorous manuscript poem titled 'Nanette', with illustrations, in praise of the Guernsey cow.

[ The Guernsey Gazette; The Higher Butterfatters' League; dairy farming in the United Kingdom ]
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In manuscript, but laid out as a printed book ('A "Guernsey's Own" Publication') said to be 'Specially printed by the "Guernsey Gazette"' and sponsored by the non-existant 'Higher Butterfatters' League'. Undated [ 1950s? ].
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28pp., 4to. Sewn into a booklet, and bound in cream boards, with 'A "Guernsey's Own" Publication' on the front cover, and 'Sponsored by the Higher Butterfatters' League' on the back. There is no indication that the manuscript has been published. It is laid out as a printed book, with title-page (with charming illustration of the smiling cow) and dedication page reading: 'To V, M., the Honorable Patroness of the foster Mothers' Welfare Group, This book is respectfully dedicated.' The poem consists of 36 four-line stanzas, with fifteen charming vignettes. The poem begins: 'Would-be farmers, take heed, when selecting a breed | To compose your new herd's population: | Dairy cows are your dream? All that glorious cream | Is a very strong recommendation.' and 'You want breeding? and style? in your herd's rank & file, | Sweetest tempers? intelligence too? | Then we know just the cow - we can tell you right now | That the GUERNSEY'S the creature for you.' The poem proceeds to tell the tale of the eponymous bovine heroine, who is 'born to be Queen', with reference to the 'T. T. test' and the 'Milk Marketing till' (the Milk Marketing Board was founded in 1933). The last stanza reads: '(And, to farmers despairing and really past caring, | Who at last feel they must shut up shop - | Try not to forget the success of Nanette - | Guernseys always come out on the top.)'