[David Diringer, book historian ] Autograph Letter Signed "David (DIRINGER)" ro "Mr [Marcus prob.] Adams, Royal and children's photographers.

David Diringer, book historian, linguist, "alphabetologist", palaeographer and writer, wartime "enemy alien".
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[Headed Notepaper, heading with line through it] University Combination Room, The Old Schools, Cambridge {added] "as from 50 St Barnabas's Road, Cambridge, Dec. 1957.
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Two pages, 8vo, fold mark (stained), mainly good, text clear and complete. "My dear Mr. Adams, | Once more I hoped to be able to present to you as my Christmas present my forthcoming book (The Illuminated Book [underlined]). Unfortunately, its pubication has been postponed till Febr. 1958. | Hence, I cannot but send to you my warmest greeetings & my best wishes of A MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY 1958. | I do hope to be able to meet you somewhere in London. I am aware that you have given up active studio-work, but I do not know whether you still have connections with your fromer studio in London. You will remember that you and I could have a photo | P.T.O. | taken. Would it still be possible to arrange? | At any rate, we have to meet quite soon. | God bless you, my dear friend, | In haste {...}"