[ Belfrage; Soviet spies ] Typed Note Signed "Cedric" to "Adrian".

Cedric Belfrage, Film Critic, journalist, writer, political activist, MI6 Agent, alleged Soviet spy.
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[Typed heading] Cedric Belfrage, 49 Hallam Street, London W1, 13 July [c.1944].
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One page, 8vo, fold marks, good condition. I've been hoping for an opening so as to make that excursion to Gerrards Cross, but alas it has not opened. Now I am completely involved in a Shaef [SHAEF = Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force] press job and hope to be over the water very soon - so such delights fade from view. || It's a disappointment - it would have been fun to dish the dirt with you - but there's always after the war and by that time they'll be more dirt."BBC website headline: "Cedric Belfrage, the WW2 spy Britain was embarrassed to pursue"