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John B. Brumfit, nineteenth-century City of London cigar merchant [ subsequently John Brumfit Ltd

[ John Brumfit, nineteenth-century City of London cigar merchant. ] Autograph account books ('Journal' and 'Cash') from the firm's foundation in 1864, with explanatory letter from the founder's grandson K. F. Brumfit, and trade letterhead.

For more than a century the firm of John Brumfit Ltd of the City of London was one of Britain's leading cigar and tobacco merchants, its reputation international. The firm was founded in 1864 by John B. Brumfit, son of Charles Brumfit of No. 1 Pall Mall West. The items offered here are the...

Social history £2,500.00
S. C. Pinney, American authority on George Washington Genealogy.

The Pinney archive of material relating to the English branch of the family of George Washington

Large archive of material relating to the English branch of the Washington family, assembled by American authority S. C. Pinney, comprising manuscripts, typescripts, printed extracts and offprints, photographic and other illustration, and a small batch of letters to Pinney from the English...

Jocelyn Fitzgerald Ruthven [ born Jocelyn Fitzgerald Trotter ] (1849-1943), master mariner in Britain and Australia, Commodore of the Orient Line

[ Jocelyn Fitzgerald Ruthven, master mariner. ] Twenty-five items from his papers: correspondence, vellum certificates, commissions, testimonials, including address signed by 79 passengers on first (maiden) voyage to Australia of SS Orient.

Ruthven was born in Ireland, the son of Galway landowner Clifford Trotter. He was a master mariner, a Younger Brother of Trinity House, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and wrote several nautical manuals. At the time of his retirement as commodore of the Orient Line of ships in 1911,...

John Knox Witherspoon (1723–1794), Scottish-American Presbyterian minister and a Founding Father of the United States (Signer of Declaration).

[ John Witherspoon; Signer of Declaration ] [Part of ] Autograph Letter Signed "Jno Witherspoon", sometime President of the College of New Jersey (Later Princeton). To "Dr.Br" [Dear Brother?].

Part of letter, 19.5 x 10cm, residue of glue on verso (formerly in album?), recto aged but text clear. Partial text as follows: "Essay upon the plan of your Society but would be glad to know the order in which you proceed. | I have lately had a strong Invitation to a Meeting house in Dublin at...

Dugald Stewart, Scottish philosopher and mathematician

[ Dugald Stewart; Scottish Enlightenment ] Autograph Letter Signed "Dugald Stewart" to an unnamed "Lordship" who had loaned him books with notes.

One and a bit pages, cr. 8vo, flimsy paper, remnants of being in an album, (strip of card on left margin), some damage with no loss of letters. No "Dear Sir", commencing: "I am extremely sorry to be disappointed in my hope of waiting upon your Lordship this Evening by the return of a Cough which...

John Muir [(1838 – 1914), influential Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher, botanist, zoologist, glaciologist, and early advocate for the preservation of wilderness

[John Muir, environmental pioneer etc] Autograph Letter Signed John Muir, to David Douglas, Publisher/Editor of Scott's Letters and Journal, responding to his receipt of Walter Scott's Journal and discussing enthusastically his visit to the UK.

Four pages, 8vo, bifolium, remnants of tipping into David Douglas's gift of Sir Walter Scott's Journal published in 1890, edited by the publisher, Douglas. Edges stained, some marking, text clear and complete, as follows: My dear Mr Douglas, | I got home safely, & have been very busy with...

Social history, Travel and Topography £2,250.00 Muir page 4
[Erskine Childers]

Galley proofs of article on ‘Irish Fiscal Autonomy’ [by Erskine Childers].

The whole article, on eight long strips, with the appendixes on two folio sheets, numbered One to Ten, and each headed ‘Royal Econ. Soc. – Irish Fiscal Autonomy’. The article was published in The Fiscal Relations of Great Britain and Ireland. Papers read at the Congress of the Royal Economic...

John Gordon, editor of the Sunday Express [Lord Beaverbrook]:

[Archive; unpublished history] Papers and correspondence relating to an intended history of the early years of the Daily Express

For more about John Rutherford Gordon (1890-1974), editor of the Sunday Express between 1928 and 1952, see his entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.Although the volume for which the present material was amassed did not materialise, there is no doubting the seriousness of the...

History £2,000.00
Jacques Piccard (1922-2008), Swiss oceanographer, first explorer with Don Walsh of the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench [Arthur G. Bourne, science journalist]

12 Typed Letters Signed marine explorer Jacques Piccard to Arthur Bourne, including specifications of his 'new submarine (the PX-28)', with transcript of speech, booklet on the 'Ben Franklin', offprint, photograph, copies of Bourne's replies.

A collection of 26 items, consisting of 12 letters from Piccard to Bourne, copies of 9 of Bourne's replies, a copy of a letter from Piccard to D. F. Horrobin, an offprint article, a transcript of a speech by Piccard in 1972, a booklet on the 'Ben Franklin' and an undated publicity photograph....

French, Science, Medicine and Technology £2,000.00
Volkswagen GmbH, Wolfsburg, Germany [ Bruce Dudley Ryder (born 1942); German Economic Miracle ]

[ Volkswagen GmbH. ] Large collection of material assembled by English employee B. D. Ryder, including 12 volumes relating to his nine-month survey of VW's German operations, with reports by Ryder and a mass of company ephemera, photographs, etc.

The author Bruce Dudley Ryder was a second-cousin of the present Queen of England – his father Peter Hugh Dudley Ryder (1913-1993; see Who Was Who) having married the Queen's cousin Sarah Susannah Bowes-Lyon – and a great-grandson of the Earl of Harrowby. Ryder had family experience in the...

Science, Medicine and Technology £2,000.00