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[Guillaume Dubois, Cardinal Archbishop of Cambray.] Manuscript 'draught' of a letter in French, from an English wellwisher [Sir Luke Schaub?], congratulating him on his elevation to cardinal.

Guillaume Dubois (1656-1723), Archbishop of Cambray, French cardinal and statesman, minister of foreign affairs under Louis XV [Sir Luke Schaub (1690-1758), British diplomat]
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No place or date, but from England, after Dubois's elevation to the cardinalate, 16 July 1721.

With Richelieu, Mazarin and Fleury, Dubois was one of the four great French Cardinal-Ministers. The background to the present item is explained in Howard D. Weinbrot's excellent paper 'Alexander Pope and Madame Dacier's Homer: Conjectures concerning Cardinal Dubois, Sir Luke Schaub, and Samuel Buckley' (Huntington Library Quarterly, 1999). Weinbrot describes Dubois as an 'apothecary's son [who] rose to abbé, to archbishop of Cambray, to cardinal, and to premier ministre'.

[Cardinals of the Roman Catholic church.] Signatures of twenty-five Roman Catholic cardinals under Popes Pius X and Benedict XV, on parts of twenty-six official documents, many addressed to Cardinal Willem Marinus van Rossum.

[Roman Catholic cardinals; Popes Pius X and Benedict XV; Cardinal Willem Marinus van Rossum]
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From various locations. Dated signatures between 1911 and 1921.

The signatures of twenty-five Roman Catholic cardinals (one having two examples) on 26 strips of paper, cut from official documents, many of them addressed to Cardinal Willem Marinus van Rossum (1854-1932), Prefect of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith. The collection is in good condition, on lightly aged paper, several of the items having fold lines. Four of the signatures have not been identified. The others are those of: Bartolomeo Bacilieri (1842-1923), Bishop of Verona; António Mendes Belo ['A. Card.

[ Edme Sainson, Ecuyer Conseiller Secrétaire du Roi (Louis XV). ] Signed Autograph Document on vellum, giving certified transcriptions of two documents relating to payments by 'Mre. Charles Dorel [...] Banquier Expeditionnaire en Court de Rome'.

Edme Sainson (c.1726-1753), Ecuyer Conseiller Secrétaire du Roi (Louis XV) [ Charles Dorel, Banquier Expéditionnaire en Court de Rome ]
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The two transcribed documents are dated 2 May 1736 and 10 May 1736. The transcription is undated.

On one side of a 22 x 33 cm piece of vellum. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with some pin-holes to margin. Stamp in black ink at head of the 'REV. CAS DU ROY [...] GEN. DE PARIS'. Signed at end: 'Collationné aux originaux par moi Ecer. Coner. Secretaire du Roy maison Couronne de france et de Ses finances/. | Sainson'. Each transcript is eight lines long, the first having been signed by 'Orry' and the second by 'Carreler' (both signatures also transcriptions). The recorded payments were made by Dorel in connection with his office as 'Coner.

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