Papers of Sergeant J. L. R. Royall, Royal Artillery Search Light Training Instructor (Anti Aircraft), 1939-1942

[Sergeant J.L.R. Royall; Anti-Aircraft; Search Light]
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These papers provide a unique insight into the top-secret workings of a vital branch of defensive warfare at its apogee - the Battle of Britain - during a period while it was integrating into its systems the new radar technology which would ultimately render it redundant, and at a time which saw it was at the forefront of the beginning of the integration of women into the armed services.

Typed Letter Signed to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, together with unsigned carbon copy of the secretary's reply.

Captain Basil Rupert Willett [MARCONI; RADAR]
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Letter: 9 July 1947, on letterhead of 'MARCONI'S WIRELESS TELEGRAPH COMPANY LIMITED'; carbon copy: 10 July 1947, no place.

Willett (died 1966) and C. E. Horton were the two Royal Navy representatives to whom, in the autumn of 1940, it was demonstrated that the 10cm ground-based, experimental radar equipment could track ships. LETTER (one page, octavo, creased and grubby, with staple holes to one corner, stamped and docketed): Acknowledges a letter of 4 July, and is 'honoured to accept the invitation of the Council of the Royal Society of Arts to seek election as a Fellow of the Society'. Encloses a 'Form of Proposal' and a cheque (neither present) and suggests the setting up of a banker's order.

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