[ William Kelty McLeod, Lieut. Col. Comding, 74th Highlanders; Kaffir Wars ] Autograph Signed Testimonial ('W K McLeod Col. | Lt. Col. Com 74th. Highlanders') in favour of Major Philip Philpot, who desires to obtain employment as a 'public servant'.

Brigadier General William Kelty McLeod (1862-1928), Regimental Colonel of the Highland Light Infantry
Publication details: 
Malta. 7 January 1896.

3pp., tall 8vo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Folded four times. With regard to Philpot's desire to obtain 'employment under Her Majesty's Government' as a 'public servant', he has applied to McLeod 'for a testimonial as to his Conduct and Efficiency as an Officer during the seven years he served in the 74th Highlanders': ''There has been but one opinion of him in the Corps, which was, that he was a most able, active, intelligent and gallant officer, possessed of much common sense and sound judgment.

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