[ Nanking; Japan ]Long Autograph Letter from English-born jurist/adviser to Japan on foreign affairs Thomas Baty to 'Cooper', presenting a detailed defence of the Japanese position after the Nanking Massacre, and of Franco in the Spanish Civil War.

Thomas Baty (1869-1954), English-born jurist and authority on international law, who settled in Japan in 1916 as foreign legal adviser [Nanking Massacre; Second Sino-Japanese War; Spanish Civil War]
Publication details: 
'Tokio [Tokyo] 1 October, 1937'.

A letter of the first importance, as Baty had been since 1916 foreign legal adviser to the Japanese Government (following the death of Henry Willard Denison), and had been part of the Japanese delegation to the 1927 Geneva disarmament conference. Such was Baty's support for the Japanese position that the British Government seriously considered trying him for treason following the Second World War, choosing instead to revoke his British citizenship. 5pp., 4to. The first five pages of the letter only, and so lacking the signature, although Baty is without doubt the author.

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