[The Royal Aid in Bristol, 1666.] Two Manuscript Assessments of 'three moneths Royall Aide mony' (land and goods) for 58 individuals, each signed by four mayors of Bristol: John Willougby, Walter Sandby, Sir John Knight and John Lawford.

[The Royal Aid in Bristol, 1666.] Mayors of Bristol: John Willougby of the Society of Merchant Venturers; Walter Sandby; Sir John Knight; John Lawford
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Both Bristol, 1666.

Ainsworth's 'Thesaurus' (1752) neatly defines 'The Royal Aid, or subsidy money' as 'tributum quod regi ex plebiscito in sumptus belli, &c. praestatur'. It was a one-off household tax, set by assessors and collected locally. (For further information see M. J. Braddick's 2013 paper 'Resistance to the Royal Aid and Further Supply in Chester, 1664–1672'.) The present two documents are each laid out in identical fashion, the two carrying different assessments for 'Land' and 'Goods' for the same 58 individuals.

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