[ The Russian Revolution: the Assistant Minister of War addresses the Council of Peasants' Delegates. ] Account, in English, of a report by 'Colonel Iakubovitch' on the state of the Russian Army, in a speech to the Council of Peasants' Delegates.

Colonel G. A. Iakubovich [ G. A. Yakubovich; G. A. Iakubovitch ], Assistant Minister of War under Kerensky in the Provisional Russian Government of 1917 [ Russian Revolution ]
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'Council of Peasants' Delegates [ Moscow ]. 24 May 1917.

After the February Revolution and abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, Kerensky, as Minister of War, was the dominant figure in the provisional government that held power until overthrown by the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution. According to Semion Lyandres, 'The Fall of Tsarism', along with Lev Stepanovich Tugan-Baranovskii and G. N. Tumanov, Captain G. A. Iakubovich 'belonged to the troika of Kerenskii's most trusted military aides during his tenure in the Provisional Government'. 4pp., foolscap 8vo. First page headed: 'Council of Peasants' Delegates. | 24th. May 1917.

[Duplicate Handbills] Hands off Russia! | Will you fight for the Polish Landlords?

[Russian Revolution] Hands off Russia Committee
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Issued on behalf oif the Hands off Russia Committee. Printed at the Pelican Press (T U.), 2 Carmelite Sytreet, E.C.

Two copies, One printed page, 12mo, good condition. An unknown hand has written in pencil on the reverse, pp.18 and 20, concerning the Soviets, Bolsheviks and Kerensky. P.18 commences: "the Soviets having everywhere grown strong through their peace propaganda and the ['propagation of the' excised] of the realisation in practice of their slogan 'All Power to the Soviets' Nov. 7 - the greatest date in Russian history [...]" The handbill fulminates against the possibility of Allied aid to the Polish "squires and militarists' (their "unprovoked attack", etc).

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