[Dame Margot Fonteyn, ballerina.] Typed Letter Signed to 'Mr. Duncan' [the bookseller Barry Duncan], regarding a playbill.

Dame Margot Fonteyn [stage name of Margaret Evelyn Hookham, later de Arias] (1919-1991), ballerina [Barry Duncan (1909-1985), theatre historian and bookseller]
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On letterhead of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London. 11 January 1947.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. She sends her thanks for 'the playbill': 'You know already how much I liked it, as I remember admiring it when I was in the shop.' She will 'value it highly' and will thank him personally: 'you may be sure I shall be looking in again one of these days'.

[Dame Margot Fonteyn, the Royal Ballet and Rudolf Nureyev.] Indexed volume from the editorial office of the magazine 'Ballet Today', containing reviews and photographs of Fonteyn, some with Nureyev, with typed and manuscript annotation.

'[Dame Margot Fonteyn, the Royal Ballet and Rudolf Nureyev] Ballet Today', London dance magazine, founded by P. W. Manchesterr [Janet Sinclair]
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'Ballet Today', London. Between 1954 and 1970.

Ballet Today was a monthly magazine founded in 1946 by Phyllis Winifred Manchester (1907-1998). In 1951 Manchester settled in New York, leaving four colleagues, one of whom was Janet Sinclair (c.1922-1999), in joint charge of the magazine. The present item is a volume from the editorial office of 'Ballet Today', containing numerous cuttings of photographs and reviews from the magazine, with typed captions and manuscript annotations, also a few photographic prints, laid down over 104pp., 4to, of a scrapbook bound in green cloth.

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