[ F. T. Prince, poet and critic. ] Small miscellaneous autograph notebook, including an entry on his 'conversion', and an early draft of a 'would-be Byronic' poem. With signed note by Prince calling it 'typical of notebooks I carried about for years'

F. T. Prince [ Frank Templeton Prince ] (1912-2003), poet and critic
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No place. References to 1974 and 1983, and with note dated 1998.

According to his obituary in the Guardian, 2003, after a long period of neglect, Prince was rediscovered b the New York School, and by the end of his life had 'come to be regarded by writers as diverse as Geoffrey Hill and the American innovator John Ashbery as one of the most significant poets of the 20th century'. 40pp. of closely-written text in a small (13.5 x 9 cm) 'Lion Brand' notebook. Stapled, in card covers. In fair condition, aged and worn.

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