Proof engraving, by T. Blood, from painting by Samuel Drummond, A.R.A., of Asperne as Freemason.

James Asperne (1757-1820), bookseller of Cornhill, London, and proprietor of the 'European Magazine' [Freemasonry; Masonic]
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[London; 1814].
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Dimensions of paper roughly twelve inches by ten; dimensions of print roughly nine and a half inches by seven and a half. A good clear impression, on aged, creased paper, of a striking illustration showing a portly and sleek Asperne, beautifully turned out in Freemason's robes and paraphernalia, holding a leather-bound book, and seated in an ornately carved wooden chair with the Freemasons' eye in a triangle at its head. Captioned 'Mr James Asperne | BOOKSELLER, CORNHILL, | Past Master of the FOUNDATION LODGE NO. 96 And St. Peter's No.. 249 | P.S.D. of the LODGE of Antiquity No. 1 And Grand Steward for 1814'.