Printed Exchequer Receipt, with Manuscript insertions, and Autograph Signature, for three months' annuity.

Lady Ann Sylvius [nee Howard] [Anne Sylvius] [wife of the English diplomat Sir Gabriell Silvius] [Gabriel de Silvius]
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One page. Dimensions of paper roughly eight inches by six and three-quarters. Trimmed but with no loss to text. Very good on aged paper. 'Received by me [Lady Anne Silvius] Of the Honourable Richard Hampden Esq; One of the Four Tellers of His Majesty's Receipt of Exchequer, the Sum of [Fifty pounds] in full of all former Directions, and for Three Months Annuity, due at [Xmas] last past, of [200] Pounds per Annum'. Signed 'Ann: Sylvius', and with the signature [slightly trimmed] of 'Eliz Jones'.