Autograph Letter Signed to 'Aunt Emily'.

John Byrne Leicester Warren, 3rd Baron de Tabley
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67 Onslow Square; 27 June 1874.
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English aristocrat (1835-95), poet, numismatist, archaeologist, writer on natural history, etc. Two pages, 12mo. Good, but with blank verso of second leaf of bifoliate adhering to docketed remains of leaf from autograph album. Had he not been 'so busy that I hardly knew where to turn' he would have answered the letter 'on the subject of the seal' sooner. 'What is represented on it is a "thunderbolt" that being the way in which this is conventionally treated on many Greek coins, in which it often occurs especially when Zeus or Jupiter is patron of the coining city.' Tentatively dates the coin to '100 B.C. or so', 'But of course I cannot say with certainty from a cast'. 'The great authority on rings is Mr. you met him. He would tell you more.' Sends 'kind regards to Uncle' and signs 'J L Warren'.