Autograph Letter Signed to E. J. Wheatley.

Henry R. Potter [David Love, the Nottingham poet]
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Wymeswold Sat[urda]y AM.'
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Possibly the Henry R. Potter, of the Office of Works, who corresponded with Gladstone in 1885 and 1894. 4 pages, 16mo. In good condition: neatly folded twice, with traces of stub along one edge of verso of second leaf of bifoliate. Apologises for 'the numerous omissions of which I have been guilty' in his lecture. His only excuse is that he 'submitted the lists to two or three persons resident in Nott[ingha]m and consequently, as I concluded, conversant with its "Notables" '. He wishes he could have 'graced my catalogues and strengthened my argument by the insertion of the names you so properly suggest. May I beg of you to assure any of the injured parties whom you happen to know both of my ignorance and my regrets? With a view of encouraging rising talent I stretched my net to the greatest possible limit - witness David Love'. Concludes 'I am mistaken if your own name had not a just claim to notice - though you modestly suppress that fact'.