3 Autograph Letters Signed and 1 Autograph Card Signed [to his publishers?]

James Britten
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The letters, 21 and 31 May and 29 July 1883, all from Isleworth; the card, 20 [month?] 1890, stamped '18, WEST SQUARE | SOUTHWARK, S.E.'
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Botanist and Roman Catholic propagandist (1846-1924). All but the second letter, which is addressed 'Gentlemen', are addressed 'Dear Sirs'. The letters are all 12mo, and embossed at the head of the first leaf 'NOX VENIT QUANDO NEMO POTEST OPERARI'. In letter 1 (1 page) he asks that his 'Collecting book of Flowering Plants' be sent to him: he will mention it in his 'Journal of Botany' for June. 'I think a companion one with description of principal types would be useful - the present one is entirely on collecting.' In letter 2 (2 pages) he apologises for not answering the 'last note': 'I have been so engaged preparing for my absence from home for some five weeks'. 'I could not write the little book you speak of at once - but I certainly think it should be done. Your title in the first instance misled me. I fancied you wanted a handbook on collecting only, not a sort of condensed English flora [...] Do you not think you might profitably have one on fertilization - a subject of much importance and one capable of being made very attractive'. In the third letter (2 pages) he expresses his regret that his 'Young Collector's Handbook' for flowering plants 'has been kept back so long'. If he can be sent his 'Among the Wild Flowers' he will notice it in his Journal. He closes by asking when 'Mr. Friend's plant-lore book will make its appearance'. In the card (1 page, roughly 3 inches by 4 inches) he asks for 'two or three of yr. Natural History publications' so that he may 'notice them in 'Nature Notes'. Four items,