Nine Autograph Letters Signed to him (eight in stamped envelopes), two Testimonials Signed, twenty printed competition certificates, and three loose envelopes.

Papers relating to John Dale, nineteenth-century English gardener
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1874 to 1893; from various places in England.
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Some of the envelopes are grubby, creased, and stained, but the collection is in good condition overall. Most items are 16mo. The first testimonial (1 page, 16mo), by 'H Smith | Gardener & Bailiff', is dated August 1874. It reads 'John Dale lived under me in the Gardens at The Dale nr Manchester for two years, during which time I found him very steady & industrious & attentive to his duties'. The second testimonial (1 page, 4to, in official envelope addressed to Dale at Petworth Park) is from J. Smith, Curator, Royal Gardens, Kew, and is dated 28 April 1877. It is countersigned by a director of the Gardens. 'He has totally neglected the advantages offered y the different courses of lessons given here but has been a fair attendant at the Garden Library.' One letter (4 pages, 16mo), addressed to Dale by R. Perkins, The Gardens, Hemsted Park, Staplehurst, and dated 22 September 1878, informs Dale of 'a vacancy open in the gardens. If you would like a change this would be a very good one for you, as Conservatory man.' He describes the duties and terms in some detail. 'The gardener is a very quiet man, Scotchman. [last word underlined]' The postscript reads 'One thing I forgot to mention her Ladyship likes for us to go to Church once a Sunday when off Duty'. There are responses to applications from Dale to: William Low, Euston Gardens; J. Woodbridge, The Gardens, Syon House, Brentford; W. Wasley, Radbourne Hall Gardens, nr Derby (2 letters, one giving details of terms and wages). Two letters, both dating from April 1877, by George Breese, The Gardens, Petworth Park, Sussex, the first giving details of terms and wages, and the second arranging for Dale to start work. An affectionate letter (4 pages, 16mo, in stamped postmarked envelope) by J. Jorgensen, of Ledeberg, with whom Dale appears to have worked. Letter, 6 November 1888 (1 page, 16mo), from W. Allen, The Gardens, Normanhurst Court, Battle, regarding a tomato sent by Dale on behalf of his employer. The competition certificates, from the Shanklin Horticultural Society, are attractive items in various colours (pink, yellow, blue, green, brown and red). All but one date from 1888 and 1889, at which time Dale was working for one William Gibbs. The other certificate dates from 1893, when Dale was working for 'H. Eschwege Esqr.' One of the envelopes consists of the front part only with no stamp but with postmark 'DERBY | P5 | DE24 | 80'. The address, to 'Mr John Dale | Shipley Hall, | Nr. Derby', is neatly written along an attractive illustration of a ribbon, along with 'A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year'. The lot,