Substantial Autograph Letter Signed to his sister.

"Tom" [surname unknown], sailor (possibly Captain).
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Ship Donna Amelia, Valparaiso, 24 Sept. 1865.
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Four pages, 4to, minor defects, text complete and clear. Something of a stylist, he first describes the effects of a severe storm on his ship (out of Montevideo). They eventually arrived at Valparaiso, planning to load a "coasting cargo for Callao from there to go to the [Chinea?] Islands to load a cargo of guano". He hoped for a rest but the Spanish Admiral arrived on the 17th "in a splendid steal friggat[sic]". He ordered the Chilean authorities to salute his flag and then he would talk to them. They refused as the 18th was the anniversary of thier independence. He desribes the consequences (no loading done, the state of excitement). "He talks of the use of bribes. "[Then ] I went on shore to see if I could get off my Coaasting Charter and proceed to Callao but I could not." The Admiral gave an ultimatum - otherewise the port would be blockaded - as transpired, all ships being hemmed in by the Spanish Fleet. On 27th the Admiral allowed all neutral ships to load. Other English ships arrived. He was in the main Square when the "Chile people declared war against Spain. Ist Nov. they are able to load and look set to depart. They wonder if the Admiral will open fire on the town on the expiry of a deadline. If so he would arther be out at sea. He added a postscript concerning a library given to him for his use and that of the crew. He's been reading a theological work.