Five (5) Autograph Letters Signed to [John Russell Smith], publisher.

William Chadwick.
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Arksey (mainly), 1858/9 and 1862.
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Author of "The Life and Times of Daniel Defoe, with remarks digressive and discursive" (J.R. Smith, London, 1859).Total 23pp., 8vo, minor damage, texts clear and complete. The letters concern this book about Defoe exclusively. He starts (29 Oct. 1858) "You have the whole manuscript complete now, with the Parcel sent yesterday", adding that entries (giving examples) can be struck out since they were part of library researches. Subjects also include: books required or not; completing his collection of "Defoeania"; required titles of Defoe's works; "I have 60 or more Works by De Foe, some purchasd of you . . . I must have the whole of De Foe's Writings in early editions";(17 Nov. 1858) contact with Wright, an authority; no expectation or desire to make money by the project; anticipates 1000 copies in "healthy circulation"; his independence viewpoint; suggestions for binding paper, etc of book; to appear "before John Bright's Reform Bill"; requests a quote on various print runs; hopes the book becomes available to young readers, "young men in search of knowledge, Mechanics Institute Members"; hopes Wirhgt perfects book by his amendments; his style (too Yorkshire), originality; (24 Aug. 1859) response to publication; the book would sell like hot cakes in Scotland if Smith could push a sale; theorises on its sale; (7 Jan. 1862) he aks about the sale, mentioning his efforts in selling and advertising; he orders 19 items from Smith's latest catalogue; great progress with his book about King John (also published by Smith); Palgrave's Fragments; plans for printing it again; (28 July 1862) requires first volume of Hook's Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury ; wants his copy of "Palgrave's Book sale" for research (book about King John); a list of other books required. Five items,