[Harold Wilson, Labour prime minister.] Christmas card, signed by Wilson, his wife Mary and son Giles, together with his foreign secretary George Brown and his wife Sophie, who writes a message in German.

Harold Wilson (1916-1995), Labour prime minister; his wife Mary Wilson (1916-2018); his son Giles Wilson; George Brown (1914-1985), Labour politician; his wife Sophie Brown [Sophia Levene] (1911-1990)
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1966. Christmas card by Lum & Feher Press, Honolulu.
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In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Christmas card with unusual image of the three wise men (in Roman helmets) seen from behind, following the guiding star as it leads them across a Hawaian beach to the hut in which the birth of the messiah is occurring. Printed message in card in Hawaian and English. The reverse of the second leaf has nothing printed on it other than the publisher's slug, and at the head the prime minister has written 'Happy Christmas'. Beneath this, one above the other, are the five signatures: 'Harold Wilson | Mary Wilson. | Giles Wilson. | George Brown | Sophie Brown'. At bottom right is written the date '1966'. Written in German, inside the card, presumably by Sophie Brown, is a message in German, dated 'Honolulu 10.12.1966.' It is signed 'Ihre [Polali?]'. The visit to Hawaii does not appear to have been an official one. It would certainly have made for a lively holiday: while Brown is remembered as a hopeless drunkard, Wilson's consumption of alcohol was apparently even greater.