[W.L. George, novelist ] Autograph Letter Signed "W L George" to "[Mr?] Clifford", mentioning 'shirkers' and discussing the Battle of Verdun and possible consequences,.

W.L. George [Walter Lionel George (1882, Paris, France–1926) chiefly known for his popular fiction, which included feminist, pacifist, and pro-labour themes]
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[Printed heading] Ministry of Munitions of War, Whitehill Place, SW, 4 June 1916.
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One page, 4to, good condition. "Two little acts of Justice: one yto John Palmer who I am told has twice tried to enlist and was turned down for eyes, but the other 'shirkers' stand; one to one: I thought and thought about my fatal phrase, which did not sound quite right on the phone, and yet was familiar: : what I said was 'I'd rather be cut than shot for a cause I don't believe in',- " He imagines how good it would be when the fighting is over ("dividon and pain"). "But I am anxious, for things are not going well at Verdun, the Germans may take it by instalemnts within five or six weeks, and then if they burst through between Soissons and my old fear, Berry au Bac, [...] hardly anything will escape the pincers (same model as use against the Russians). The one chance is that they have worn themselves out by dint of victory." An obituary states: "He served in the French army and during the war was section officer to the British Ministry of Munitions. In addition to economic works, Mr. George turned out many novels which had a wide demand. "