[The Temple of Solomon.] Four German architectural engravings of 'Tempels Salomonis', extracted from 'Uebersetzung der algemeinen Welthistorie'.

Siegmund Jacob Baumgarten [The Temple of Solomon, Jerusalem; Tempels Salomonis]
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Extracted from work published in Halle by Johann Justinus Gebauer, 1744-1793.
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Four original engravings, on laid paper, extracted from the third volume of S. J. Baumgarten et al., 'Uebersetzung der algemeinen Welthistorie, die in Engeland durch eine Geselschaft von Gelehrten ausgefertiget worden' (Halle: J. J. Gebauer, 1744-1793). Each with the binder's instruction 'T III p 365' engraved at top right. Attached to one another and in fair condition, aged and worn on browned paper, with some creasing along outer edge of the first two prints. Paper dimensions are approximate. ONE: 'Grund-Riss von dem Modell des Salomonischen Tempels'. Paper dimensions: 23 x 36 cm. At bottom right: 'D*'. A fold-out engraving with vertical fold through plate. A detailed floor plan of the temple, with key of over sixty entries. TWO: 'Perpectivische Vorstellung des Tempels Salomonis auf der Nordseite | nach dem Hallischen Modell und Scheuchzer'. Paper dimensions: 24 x 31 m. At bottom right: 'E.' Perspective view of the temple from above, with key titled 'Anzeigung der vornehmsten Sachen so hier abgebildet'. THREE: 'Vorstellung Salomonischen Tempels | von auffen 1 Kon. 6.' Paper dimensions: 23 x 15 cm. At bottom right: 'F.' Elevation of a grand classical building. FOUR: 'Profil des Tempels Salomonis auf der Nordseite | welches das, was in Tempel gewesen anzeigt.' Paper dimensions: 23 x 20 cm. At bottom right: 'G.' Cross-section of building, with key.