[ Eva Turner, soprano ] Substantial Typed letter Signed "Eva Turner" to a "David Bowman" on various matters including her views on biography.

Dame Eva Turner, "dramatic soprano"
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[Headed, "Eva Turner"] 26 Palace Court, London, W2 4HZ, 12 Dec. 1977
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One page, cr. 8vo, fold marks, very good condition. She appreciates his thoughtfulnes concerning her personal life, and is sympathetic about his personal life. She goes on: "I think there are enough biographies and autobiographies on the market without my inflicting more and so I have decided against it! Notwithstanding I am very touched by all your kind observances regarding myself." She then discusses her promising students, Linda Esther Gray [later her biographer] and Stuart Harling. She appreciates his remembering her Pekingese which had died after a long life and not been replaced. She sends good wishes from her longtime companion/secretary, Miss Ridyard (for Christmas and the New Year). A postscript anounces that she's sending no Christmas cards "this year".