[Jeanne de Casalis, film and stage actress, writes to 'Mr. Knot' (E. V. Knox) of 'Punch'.] Autograph Card in the third person, informing him when she will be doing a BBC radio broadcast of his 'Reparation'.

Jeanne de Casalis [born Jeanne Casalis de Pury in Basutoland] (1897-1966), Anglo-French stage and screen actress [E. V. Knox [Edmund George Valpy Knox, pseud. 'Evoe'] (1881-1971), editor of Punch]
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On her letterhead, Hunger Hatch, Little Chart, Kent. Postmarked 28 June 1941.
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Card with stamp and postmark. Of the two addresses in her letterhead, she has deleted the London one (105 Hallam Street, W1). In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Addressed to 'Secretary to | E. V. Knot [sic] Eq. | Offices of “Punch”'. The card reads: 'Miss de Casalis hopes to broadcast Mr. Knot's “Reparation” at the end of her turn on Friday 27th 9.35 to 10.15 (Forces programme) & again on Sunday to Forces abroad.'