[ Victorian Fleet Street: rejection letters from 27 periodicals, received by the future Sir Walter Newman Flower of Cassell & Co.

Victorian Fleet Street [ Sir Walter Newman Flower (1879-1964), publisher, author and musicologist, proprietor of the London publishers Cassell & Co ]
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Between 1898 and 1903. Various titles, mostly published in Fleet Street, London.
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The 27 rejection letters and slips - mainly from publications in the area of Fleet Street and the Strand - are laid down on twelve leaves of ruled paper extracted from an exercise book. The collection is in fair overall condition, aged and worn, laid down on ruckled leaves. An interesting collection of literary ephemera, showing how the various periodicals handled the rejection of rejected material. Only a few of the 27 are entirely handwritten, one is from the editor of 'Answers', dated November 1898: 'I am sorry that I cannot accept the enclosed, but I trust that the fact will not deter you from submitting further MSS. As to your article of March last which you speak about I trust that by this time you will have received it. Of course in a huge concern like the Harmsworth Bros MSS do at times get astray.' Another manuscript item is by 'W. Frost' (periodical not named), and others are from: the Lady's Pictorial in the Strand, The Windsor Magazine in Salisbury Square; Great Thoughts, Hutton Street, Whitefriars [one rejection letter laid down over another, both in poor condition]. The other periodicals represented are: Cassell's Saturday Journal, La Belle Sauvage, Ludgate Hill [ironic, considering Flower's later ownership of the company]; “Success” Co., Limited, Whitefriars Street, Fleet Street; Harmsworth Magazine, Harmsworth Buildings; Bazaar, Strand [signed by the editor Crandon W. Gill]; The Ladies' Gazette, Chancery Lane; Evening News, Whitefriars Street, Fleet Street; The Red Letter, Fleet Street; The Daily Express, Tudor Street; The Sketch, Strand; Sketchy Bits, Duchess Novelette, Gough Square; Country Life, Covent Garden; The Penny Pictorial (with pencil note 'No opening for War Stories now | C. P. S.'); Crampton's Magazine, New Century Review, Walton Street, Strand; The Field, Bream's Buildings; Woman's Life, Southampton Street, Strand; London Society, Bloomsbury; To-Day; The Yellow Journal, Ludgate Circus; Pearson's Weekly, Henrietta Street; Home Chat, Tudor Street; M.A.P., Northumberland Avenue; Scraps, Red Lion Court [with short note from 'Ed.' explaining that 'The ground has already been covered in Scraps'].