[ Charles Sedgwick Minot, American anatomist. ] Autograph Letter Signed to Alexander Ramsay (editor of the 'Scientific Roll'), giving details of plans for an 'International Congress' (regarding psychical research?).

Charles Sedgwick Minot (1852-1914), American anatomist at the Harvard Medical School and founding member of the American Society for Psychical Research [ Alexander Ramsay, editor, 'Scientific Roll' ]
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25 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, Massachusetts. 29 September 1884.
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4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. The letter would appear to relate to the formation of the American Society for Psychical Research. Six days before the writing of the present letter, on 23 September 1884, Minot had been a member of a committee of nine scientists who met at Boston to consider the advisability of the formation of a society for psychical research in America, William James being another member. Minot begins the letter by informing Ramsay that, 'in regard to the International Congress', 'The matter has progressed thus far favourably and the extent of the interest in the project surpasses our expectations'. He continues with reference to 'The American Committee', which has been given 'full powers to act' by 'the Amer. Asstn. We have already received a gift of £1000 with promise of more as a fund the income to be expended by the Congress for the prosecution of research.' He continues: 'No definite public announcements can be made until the Council B.A.A.S. [i.e. the British Association for the Advancement of Science] has taken action in regard to the enterprise. As soon as it is in my power I shall take the liberty of communicating with you again concerning our plans.' Ramsay 'will readily understand that so vast an undertaking necessarily matures slowly; at present we are still in the stage of tentative suggestion, and no services can be more valuable than those which contribute to spreading interest in the movement.' He hopes that Ramsay 'will assist in this way. There can be no question as to the readiness of the Americans to join in the proposed Congress – The next step must be to ensure the participation of the British scientists.'