[ Richard Royston, 'bookseller to three kings'. ] Autograph Signature, with that of 'Jo Smyther', to a Latin bond (by Giles Horsington for Hercules Comander, both signing), with English memorandum, regarding an obligation to pay Anne Blofeild.

[ Richard Royston (1601-1686), 'bookseller to three kings'; Joseph Smyther; Hercules Comander, scrivener; Giles Horsington; Henry Lacock; the Court of Chancery ]
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[ The Court of Chancery, London. ] 1664, 1665 and 1669.
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1p., folio. On the recto of the first leaf of a bifolium, with the neat, controlled signature of 'Richard Royston' at the foot, with that of 'Jo Smyther' above it. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with two seals cut from the first leaf. The document was produced in the Chancery suit 'Kensey ads Smythyer': there is a note by 'Heydon' of the Court on the reverse of the first leaf, and the following docketing – written at different points in different hands – on the reverse of the second: 'Mr. Smyther to pay 10th:11th: May 1665 | 10 Novr 1664 | Kensey ads Smythyer (17) | 1669 | E: No: 10 | E: No: 2 | [upside-down] Mr. Comander 14'. The main text of the bond is written in Latin, over eleven lines, followed by a ten-line memorandum in English in the same hand (that of Comander's servant Horsington). The latter reads: 'The Condicon of this Obligacon is such That if the above bounden John Smyther and Richard Royston or eyther of them or the executors: admidstrators: or assignes of them or eyther of them shall pay or cause to be payd unto the above names Anne Blofeild her exors: admidrs: or assignes the Sume of One hundred and Three Pounds of Lawfull money of England on the Eleaventh day of May next coming after the date above written Att or in the now dwelling house of Mr. Comander Scrivener Situate in Warwicke Lane London That then this obligacon to be void as also it to sand and remaine in full force and <?> | Sigillat et delibat in Presentia <?> | Hercules Comander Scrffe [i.e. scrivener] | Giles Horsington his Servt: | Henry Lacock'. In bottom left-hand corner: 'Ad Jany. Ye 7th. | 1669 50 | <?> 2d 1670 | 50th <?>'. On reverse of first leaf: 'This bond was shewed unto Hercules Comander Scrivener at the tyme of hys taken in Chancery on the parte and behalfe of Richard Kensey defendt. At the Suite of Robert Smithier and Robert Smithson Comp[lainan]ts. | Heydon'.?>