[ Goldschmidt v Meadows: Victorian justice and 1600 guns. ] Autograph Corrected Manuscript 'Draft Award' by arbitrator Richard Harington, 'In the matter of a reference between Bernard Goldschmidt & John Meadows'. ]

Sir Richard Harington of Ridlington, 11th Baronet (1835-1911) [ John Meadows, Birmingham gunsmith; Bernard Goldschmidt, merchant ]
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[ Lincoln's Inn, London. ] 'Dated the [ blank ] June 1871'.
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11pp., folio. On eleven leaves of wove paper. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, the leaves attched with a rusty pin. An unsigned draft, with deletions and emendations throughout, and the date left incomplete at the end. The document begins: 'To all to whom these presents may come I Richard Harington of Lincoln's Inn in the County of Middlesex Esq. Barrister at law send greeting'. He explains the background, and how he has been appointed arbitrator following a tial at Nisi Prius 'held at West[minster]: Hall in the County of Middlesex on Tuesday the 2nd day of May AD 1871 before the Hon Sir Anthony Cleasby Knight one of the Barons of Her Majesty's Court of Exchequer'. It is only on p.8 that he publishes his award: 'I do find adjudge order award and determine that the sd Bernard Goldschmidt had not at the commencement of the sd action of Goldschmidt v Meadows any good cause of action agst the sd John Meadows'. He directs that Goldschmidt 'deliver to the sd John Meadows or his order at Birmingham in the County of Warwick 1053 guns found of the 1600 guns delivered by or on behalf of the sd John Meadows to the sd Bernard Goldschmidt before the commencement of the sd actions as afd such 1100 guns being at the time of compliance with this order & direction in the same state & condition in all respects as they were at the time of the giving of such copy of this my award'. If Goldschmidt complies, the original award of £3000 against him will be reduced to £1100, but he will be liable for all costs. From the papers of Sir Richard Harington of Ridlington (who succeeded to the title in 1877). The Harington papers contain another item (offered separately) relating to the case, a report to Harington on the whereabouts and condition of the guns by the noted Birmingham gunmaker William Tranter (1816-1890). . See [ William Tranter, gunmaker. ] Autograph Letter Signed (sku#19528). Note: The plaintiff in the action is probably the 'cigar dealer and insurance agent Bernard Goldschmidt' mentioned as active in 1857 in B. Williams, 'The Making of Manchester Jewry, 1740-1875' (1985)