[ The British Army in Egypt (Suez Canal), First World War. ] Three typed duplicated documents, including a typed four-page 'Disposition of Troops in the Canal Defences, 15th January, 1915.', and a list of 'British Force in Egypt in August, 1914.'

[ The British Army in Egypt and at the Suez Canal during the First World War; Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener [ Lord Kitchener ]; General Sir John Grenfell Maxwell [ General Maxwell ]]
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Without place or date, but the quoted documents dating from 1914 and 1915. ]
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Three documents, all in fair condition, lightly aged and worn, each of the total of six leaves with three (later?) punch holes to the inner margins of the leaves. On the same browned thin wove paper. The source of these items is uncertain, but they appear to date from the first decades of the twentieth century. ONE: 'Disposition of Troops in the Canal Defences, 15th January, 1915.' 4pp., folio. Beginning with: 'G.O.C., Canal Defences. - Major-General A. Wilson. | Chief Staff Officer, Canal Defences. - Br.-General A. H. Bingley.' Followed by the 'Troops' and 'Posts in Sector' for three sections, as well as the 'Advanced Ordnance Depot' and 'Defence of Railway and Sweet Water Canal', 'General Reserve Camp, Moascar'. TWO: 'British Force in Egypt in August, 1914.' 1p., 8vo. A nine-line list. THREE: Transcription, headed 'Letter - General Maxwell to Lord Kitchener. | 16th October, 1914.' An abridged portion of a letter quoted in full in Sir George Arthur's 'Life of Lord Kitchener'. Text begins 'There is rather more nervousness in Egypt', and ends 'the Canal ought to be safe'.