Autograph note, third person, to "Mr Byfield, Stationer".

W.D. Adams.
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Great Queen Street, Monday, 10 March 1806.
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(See Boase, Adams b. 1775 d. 1862, confidential secretary to William Pitt [for whom Lady Hester Stanhope kept house for a time], May 1804-Feb.[Note] 1806). One page, 4.5 x 10", damaged and stained but text readable, most clear. As follows: "Lady Hester Stanhope has desired me to order the Morning Post [underlined] to be sent to her at Dawlish near Teignmouth Devonshire/ Have you done anything about the Port Folios[both words underlined] which I sent for some days ago?" Byfield appears in Brown's London Publishers.