[ Vera Dart, social worker and Labour Party politician. ] Duplicated Typescript of unpublished autobiography titled 'My Six Lives in a Changing World'.

Vera Dart (1892-1984), social worker and Labour Party politician, born in Liverpool [ Women's Voluntary Service for Civil Defence; London County Council ]
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Place and date not stated. [ London, c. 1977. ]
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[3] + ii + 152pp., 4to. Perfect bound, with each page on a separate leaf. In fair condition, aged and a little dogeared. Title-page reinforced at fore-edge. Missing the last page or so of the 'Conclusion'. Describes, in a clear and straightforward style, her life 'from the last days of Queen Victoria's reign to the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II': her Liverpool childhood; her work on the land during the First World War; her work in the Women's Voluntary Service in the North West England during the Second World War; and as a welfare officer for the Ministry of Works (setting up canteens on open-cast mining sites); her unsuccessful attempts at gaining the parliamentary seats of Tonbridge (1945) and Southgate (1950); her activities representing Hammersmith South in the London County Council; and her post-war achievements in the fields of child care and social work. The nineteen chapter headings clearly represent her six 'lives'. First 'life' in two chapters: 'Victorian Upbinging' and 'Riches and squalor'; second 'life' as a 'Farm Labourer'; third 'life' in three chapters: 'Family Life', 'Move to London' and 'End of the Old Life'; fourth 'life' also in three chapters: 'W. V. S. [i.e. Women's Voluntary Service for Civil Defence].; in peace and war', 'Establishing canteens' and 'Fighting the 1945 election'; fifth 'life' in eight chapters: 'London County Council', 'Australia', 'Education for handicapped children', 'Children in trouble', 'Australia and Ceylon', 'Schools', 'Refugees' and 'Trips Abroad'; sixth 'life' in two chapters: 'A changed Life' and 'Conclusion'.