[ 'Erik Designer' [ Erik Nordgreen ]', Danish stage and costume designer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Erik') to the London bookseller Barry Duncan, with two handbill advertisements, one on coloured card (with portrait drawing) and one a handbill.

'Erik Designer' [ Erik Nordgreen (1921-1987) ], Danish stage and costume designer, based in Bootham, York [ 'Formerly with Tobis (Continental) Films' ]
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Letter from a Blackpool address, on his letterhead with 'Perm. Address . . . Eastfield House, 32 Grosvenor Terrace, Bootham, York'. 6 April 1946. Handbill with same York address; card with both Blackpool and York addresses.
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ONE: Letter: 1p., 4to. In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. He asks Duncan to look out for books in a number of fields, beginning with ones 'on old-time stagecraft giving technical data & information on trick effects, transformation scenes, etc, with particular reference to pantomime'. TWO: Advertisement. Printed in black on one side of a 14 x 26.5 cm piece of blue card. Folded twice to make three 14 x 8.5 cm pages in concertina. In stamped postmarked envelope, with his device printed in red on cover, addressed to Duncan at the Thule Gallery, St Martin's Court. The cover (left-hand) page ('Introducing | Erik | Designer | Décor . Costumes . Lighting') has a caricature portrait drawing of Nordgreen, with moustache and pointy beard; second (middle) page is headed 'Very briefly!', boasts of 'over Five Years' Pre-War Continental Experience', and sets out his claims in 'Décors', 'Costumes' ('I began my career as a Costume Designer and am considered something of an Expert on Historic Costume.') and 'Lighting'; the third (right-hand) page is headed 'Since returning to civilian life two years ago I have successfully provided | "Décor and/or Costumes by Erik" | for many First-class Productions'. A list of 'Plays', 'Revue' and 'Pantomime' follows, with his 'Present Address' in Blackpool given in manuscript above his printed permanent York address. THREE: Handbill, headed 'ERIK | DÉCOR . COSTUMES . LIGHTING'. 1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. It gives 'A few opinions on "'Décor by Erik" since returning to civilian and professional life two years ago'. The six opinions include assessments of his work on 'Ivor Novello's "Sunshine Sisters"', 'Emlyn Williams' - "The Light of Heart"', 'Frederick Lonsdale's "Spring Cleaning"' and 'Jack Taylor's No. 1 "Cinderella," Christmas, 1945'. At the foot of the page is the note: 'N.B. With five years' pre-war Continental experience, I also specialise in COSTUMES; modern, spectacular, or period, that are original, distinctive and practical. Leading producers are recognising the worth of "COSTUMES BY ERIK," . . would you care to see some sketches? They may well be just what you have been looking for! | Erik'.