[ Edwardian Ireland and Home Rule. ] Typescript by J. C. Arnold titled 'The Ulster Unionists' Objections to Home Rule.'

J. C. Arnold [ Home Rule; Ireland; Irish politics; Ulster; Basil Williams; Viscount Haldane ]
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At end of document: 'J. C. ARNOLD. | 3, Staple Inn. [ London ] | 17/5/11.'
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10pp., 8vo. Contemporary duplicated typescript, on ten leaves held together by one corner with a brass stud. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper with slight creasing at head. The present item is a paper presented to an unnamed committee. A version was published under the same title in 'Home Rule Problems', edited by Basil Williams, with an introduction by Viscount Haldane (London: P. S. King & Son, 1911). The opening paragraph reads: 'In writing this paper I wish to put in as strong a light as possible the objections to Home Rule, which one commonly hears from the Ulster Unionists. Many of these when stated before a reasonable audience will appear absurd, and undoubtedly are so. Some of them savour of selfishness, and show the spirit of the man who sees himself torn down from a position of unfair advantage. Others are based on the most conscientious feelings, which, however misguided, demand respect, and each and all of them are worthy of consideration, in order that where the objections are pure and disinterested, they may be answered, and where they are corrupt and venomous, they may be condemned and exposed.'