[ Conrad Heighton Leigh, English artist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C H Leigh') to 'Mr Horton', giving an account of the result of his visit to the London publisher Grant Richards, regarding 'Mr Hegcock's & my little alphabet'.

Conrad Heighton Leigh (b.1883), artist, commercial illustrator and member of the Brighton Arts Club [ Grant Richards (1911-1963), London publisher ]
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68 Grand Parade, Brighton. 20 January 1902.
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4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, with light signs of age and wear. After following Horton's 'kind advice' concerning 'Mr Hedgcock's & my little alphabet', 're some sketches with more action in them', he has been to 'Town' to show the designs to the publishers Grant Richards. He 'called in person on Thursday but after some delay they have eventually rejected the Alphabet. [...] Evidently from what I was told the sketches such as you advised would have been more what they wanted', so he will do them again 'in that style and try again with other people'.