[Printed volume.] The Pythouse Papers: Correspondence concerning the Civil War, The Popish Plot, and A Contested Election in 1680. Transcribed from MSS. in the possession of V. F. Benett--Stanford, Esq., M.P.

William Ansell Day, editor [ The Pythouse Papers, 1642-1680, of V. F. Benett-Stanford, Esq., M.P. ]
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London: Bickers & Son, 1 Leicester Square. 1879. [ Wyman and Sons, Printers, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W.C. ]
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A total of 211pp., 8vo, paginated vii + xcviii + 105 + [1]. In red leather quarter-binding, with a coat of arms stamped in gilt on the green cloth front cover, and the title in gilt on the spine. Internally in fair condition, on lightly aged paper, in shaken and worn binding, with damage at head and tail of spine. Tastefully printed in a heavy style by Wyman and Sons. Day's 98-page introduction concludes by explaining thaht 'the documents now printed are in possession of Mr. Benett Stanford, the collateral descendant of Colonel Benett, and present member for Shaftesbury. The papers were accidentally discoverred by him two years since whilst destroying a vast accumulation of old unarranged and useless documents. In committing these papers to the flames he remarked on one of them the signature "Charles R," and reserved the bundle in which it was contained for further investigation - subsquently the remainder of the documents in his possession were very carefully examined, and the result has been the selection for publication of these which are now printed. Without claiming for them any great historical value, it is yet thought that they possess an interest for the scholar and historian which renders them worthy of publicity, while the domestic letters, and the sketch of the contested election two centuries ago abound in curious details which are not readily met with in other works.' The 55 civil war letters, 1643-1656, include 9 from King Charles I to Prince Rupert, and 19 from Lord Percy to Prince Rupert. There are also four letters from William Benett to his mother; all 1679, and 14 letters from William Benett to Colonel Benett, 1677-1680. Now extremely uncommon.