[Manchester and the John Milton Tercentenary, 1908.] Proof of article [by John Cuming Walters for the Manchester City News] titled 'The Milton "Tercentenary." Manchester Celebrations. Tribute to the Author of "Paradise Lost."

John Cuming Walters (1863-1933), editor of the Manchester City News [Tercentenary of the birth of John Milton, 1908]
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[Manchester: Manchester City News. 1908.]
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Laid out in three columns on one side of a 71 x 26 cm piece of newsprint stock. With two illustrations in text ('Chalfont St. Giles: the only remaining Milton home' and 'Facsimile of a Milton Sonnet'). Aged and brittle, with a few words of text lost in two vertical folds which have been repaired with archival tape. Section headings are 'Commemorations', 'Manchester Exhibitions and Addresses', 'A Tribute', 'The English Patriot', 'Milton and Music', 'His Optimism', 'His Self-Confidence' and 'A Poetic Life'.