[Rowley Lascelles, antiquary.] Autograph Letter Signed to John Thomas Smith (Keeper of Prints and Drawings, British Museum), asking that his son be allowed to copy out a pedigree in the Harleian Collection for Marquess Wellesley.

Rowley Lascelles (1771-1841), antiquary and archivist whose employment by the Record Commissioners for Ireland ended in controversy [John Thomas Smith (1766-1833), Keeper of Prints, British Museum]
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Without date or place. [Between 1816 and 1833.]
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1p., 12mo. On bifolium, with the verso of the second leaf addressed to 'J. T. Smith esqr.' In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. The letter begins: 'My dear Sir | May I rely upon the kindness you have so often shewn me, in adding once more to your many attentions - it is to introduced the bearer who is my eldest son to the librarian in order to his obtaining leave to read, and also to copy out any extract from the Harleian or other collections.' He explains that the Marquess Wellesley, 'who as Steward of the Kings Household is sone of the Trustees of the Museum has asked me for the copy of a pedigree of his family from one of the Harleian MSS. of which my son has theh reference'.