[Henry Benjamin Wheatley.] Manuscript 'List of Plays seen by Pepys from 1660 to 1669' and other related material.

[Henry Benjamin Wheatley (1838-1917), author and editor; Samuel Pepys]
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Without place or date. [London, 1880s?]
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Unattributed, but in Wheatley's hand. The 'List of Plays seen by Pepys from 1660 to 1669' is 5pp., foolscap 8vo, on loose leaves of unwatermarked ruled paper. In fair condition, aged and worn. It is neatly written out in ink, with occasional pencil emendations, giving dates, theatres and titles. A few comments on the theatres are included, for example on 'Davenant's New Theatre in Lincolns Inn Fields'. A further eleven pages of lists are present (4pp., 4to; 6pp., 8vo; 1p., 12mo), comprising: first, a 'Summary of Plays seen by Pepys [between 1660 and 1669]' (6pp., 8vo; 1p., 12mo); and second, a transcription (4pp., 4to) from Malone's 1790 edition of Shakespeare, of a 'List of Stock Plays of the "Red Bull Actors" found among the papers of Sir Henry Herbert'.