[Catalogue by Messrs. Birrell & Garnett, Ltd. (J. E. Norton, Graham Pollard).] Early Newspapers.

Messrs. Birrell & Garnett, Ltd. (J. E. Norton, Graham Pollard)
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Catalogue 31. 1931. Offered for Sale by Messrs. Birell & Garnett, Ltd. (J. E. Norton, Graham Pollard). No. 30 Gerrard Street London W.1.
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24pp., 8vo. Stapled and unbound. On aged and worn paper, with rusting staples. Two indexes in small print on title-page: 'Titles' and 'Places of printing other than London'. 101 items, ranging from the 1645 Mercurius Academicus to the Fleuron, 1923-1930, the last entry ending 'We take this opportunity of expressing our appreciation of the generous review of our TYPE SPECIMEN CATALOGUE [copies of which are still available at 3/6] which occurs on pp. 211-2 of vol. VII.' Those interested in the forger Thomas J. Wise will be familiar with Pollard, co-author with John Carter of 'An Enquiry Into the Nature of Certain Nineteenth Century Pamphlets' (1934). Uncommon: the only copies on COPAC at Oxford and Liverpool.