[Sir Hubert Gough, as head of Inter-Allied Mission, Finland.] Autograph Letter Signed ('H P Gough') to Daily Express editor R. D. Blumenfeld, describing 'situation' and complaining of failure of War Office to send munitions for White Russian forces.

Sir Hubert Gough [Sir Hubert de la Poer Gough] (1870-1963) [Ralph David Blumenfeld ('R. D. B.') (1864-1948), Daily Express editor, 1902-1932; Inter-Allied Mission, Finland; White Russians; Bolsheviks]
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'Helsingfors. | British Mission. | 3rd July [1918].'
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2pp., 12mo. In very good condition: lightly-aged and creased. Writing to 'My dear Blumenfeld', Gough begins with a few lines on 'your correspondent, Muir' (with reference to Blumenfeld's 'Yankee' origins -which also included strong anti-Communist sentiment), before giving a general analysis. 'This is a most complex situation out here, as there are so many interests pulling different ways - it is not always easy to see one's way clear. | There are German - Russian - local people - Bolsheviks & British interests to be dealt with, for or against, & as many run together on some points & violently clash on others, it is different to remain friends with everyone all the time! The one clear thing however, is to combat & if possible crush the strong German influences established in these parts.' The 'business side' of the War Office needs to be organised 'a bit better', if 'the Allies wish to defeat Bolshevism'. As an example of the present states of affairs he reports that, 'about 6 weeks ago I wired for ammunition etc, for the use of the Russian North Corps. This was promised to arrive here about 25 June - so far there is not a sign of it, nor will the W. O. reply to a single telegram asking for nothing more than information on the subject. Meanwhile the Russian North Corps is reduced to desperate straits & we may see a nasty catastrophe there at any moment, entirely due to lack of these long demanded & promised munitions!'