[Printed booklet.] [Ward.] Memorials of a Grand Parent and Parents, with Names of their Descendants, and a Double Appendix. [With manuscript 'Pedigree of Andrew Ward'.]

Henry Meigs Ward; Ferdinand DeWilton Ward; Mehetabel Eunice Clarke; Henrietta Jacqueline Clarke [Levi Ward; Mehetabel Ward; Andrew Ward]
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Democrat and Chronicle Print, Rochester, N.Y. [New York, United States of America] Dedication dated October 1886.
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50pp., 8vo. Stapled. In original wraps with the word 'WARD.' in large letters on front, and nothing else printed on them. In good condition, on aged and spotted paper. The title, on p.1, reads 'Memorials of a Grand Parent and Parents, with Names of their Descendants, and a Double Appendix.' Printers details, p.2. Dedication, p.3, by Henry M. Ward, F. DeW. Ward, Mehetabel E. Clarke and Henrietta J. Clarke, dated October 1886: 'This Home Volume is dedicated to Our Children and Theirs, with the express requests, (1). That each one read it thoughtfully through, with gratitude to God for an ancestry in whose footsteps it is so safe to tread; and, (2). That each keep his and her copy with great care, as the like will not soon, if ever, again appear in print.' Memorials of Levi Ward; his son Levi Ward, M.D. (pp.12-28); Mrs. Dr. Levi Ward; six pages (34-39) naming the children and descendants of various family members; final 'Two-Fold Appendix' (pp.40-50) of 'Special family incidents' and material relating to 'John Ward and Children' and 'Deborah Crampton and Children'. The manuscript genealogy, in a contemporary hand, on one side of a piece of 32 x 40 cm waxed cotton. In very good condition, loosely inserted in the booklet. Headed 'Pedigree of Andrew Ward. | One of the Commissioners appointed by the General Court of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. | "To proceed to and Govern the Colony of Connecticut" | - De .' Scarce: the only copies on OCLC Worldcat at Yale, New York Public Library and Rochester Public Library. From the papers of Sir Francis Henry Evans (1840-1907), whose American-born wife Marie de Grasse Evans (d.1920) was related to the Wards.?>