Corrected Autograph Drafts of three works by Dr William MacOubrey, consisting of two poems ('To arms! Patriot gallant band' and 'Away! Away nor strive') and a paper on the Ancient Britons, the Romans and Geoffrey of Monmouth, titled 'Brutus'.

William MacOubrey (1800-1884), Irish physican (Trinity College, Dublin), Orangeman and Barrister (Middle Temple, 1839), who married George Borrow's stepdaughter and converted to homeopathy
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None of the three items with place or date (1850s?).
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None of the three items appears to have been published. They are in fair condition, on lightly-aged and worn paper. First poem: Headed 'By Dr. MacOubrey' and signed 'Wm MacOubrey' at foot. 1p., 12mo. Five four-line stanzas, and a four-line chorus, with a couple of minor corrections. The first stanza reads: 'Away! Away nor strive | To tempt me from the bowl | Away! and let me live | This night without control'. This followed by the chorus: 'Then quaff the Wine, | Spirits of Joy | Oh! Sense Divine! | Without Alloy!' Second Poem: Untitled. 2pp., 12mo. Consisting of eight six-line stanzas and a three-line choru, with a couple of emendations. The first stanza reads 'To arms! Partriot gallant band [originally 'On! On! Ye gallant band'] | Hark! to the trumpet's voice | To arms! 'Tis a freeman's choice | Thy soldiers we are proud to be | Thou island of the brave and free'. The chorus reads: 'Old England is the happy land | Wave high that flag! O'er land & sea | It flames the star of Liberty'. Paper: Headed 'Brutus'. 11pp., 12mo, paginated 1 to 10 (with unpaginated page after 3), . Closely written on nine leaves of grey paper, with minor corrections and emendations. Headings include 'Brutus - Objections' and 'The British History by Jeffrey of Monmouth'.