Bookplate by Edward Gordon-Craig for Martin Shaw, with Autograph Note by Shaw to 'Mrs. & Mr. Dryhurst', requesting 'as a Xmas present a new member' [of the Purcell Operatic Society], and explanatory note by the Dryhursts' granddaughter Maire Gaster.

Edward Gordon Craig (1872-1966) and Martin Shaw (1875-1958), founders of the Purcell Operatic Society; Maire Gaster [née Lynd] (1912-90), granddaughter of A. R. Dryhurst and N. F. ('Nannie') Dryhurst
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[London.] 1901.
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The bookplate is 3.5 x 2.5 cm, and shows a troubadour with a lute, with the initials 'M S' at the foot. It is affixed to a piece of 14 x 9 cm card. Bookplate in good condition, on aged card with one creased corner. The card carries the message in pencil by Shaw: 'Mrs. & Mr. Dryhurst. | A Merry Xmas | 1901 | from | [bookplate] | Will you give us as a Xmas present a new member?' On the reverse is a note in ink by Maire Gaster: '1901 | Gordon Craig's bookplate for [MS = Martin Shaw] It was used for Gordon Craig's recruiting drive for the Purcell Operatic Society founded by himself, Martin Shaw & Mrs N. F. Dryhurst (mother of Sylvia Lynd) in 1898 to put on his performance of Dido & Aeneas at the Hampstead Conservatoire (now the School of Speech & Drama. It was the Embassy Theatre in the 1930s, & put on the Moscow Art Theatre's Cherry Orchard in Russian & other special things.) Craig & M. Shaw lived at 8 Devonshire Hill & N. F. D. at No. 11.' From the Lynd family papers.