Typed Poem Signed ('Theodosia Garrison') from the American poet Theodosia Pickering Garrison (Mrs. Frederick J. Faulks), titled 'Pessimism'.

Theodosia Pickering Garrison [Mrs. Frederick J. Faulks] (1874-1944)
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'Theodosia Pickering Garrison, | 32 Nassau Street, New York City.' Undated [1909 or before].
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1p., landscape 12mo. Good, on aged paper. Garrison's name and address are typed in the top left-hand corner. Her signature is written boldly beneath the poem, which is eight lines long, in two stanzas. It reads 'Because I snatched a pebble from the way, | And thought it priceless till that day my eyes | Filled with a clearer light, and knew my prize | Was worthless, poorer than the common clay; | Because of this shall I go clamouring, | "Behold, there are no diamonds!" and say, | "Look as ye will, ye find but pebbles"? Nay! | Soul, thou wert blind to do so weak a thing.' The word 'thou' in the last line is underlined by Garrison. The poem was certainly written before 22 March 1909, when it appeared, unattributed ('Selected') in the 'Signs of the Times' (Melbourne, Australia).