Autograph Letter Signed from the poet and engraver Charles Swain to a lady (name obliterated), complaining of the problems that prevent him from paying a visit, and referring to William Jerdan.

Charles Swain (1801-1874), poet and engraver [William Jerdan (1782-1869), editor of the Literary Gazette]
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Prestwich Park, Prestwich, near Manchester; [c.1853].
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4pp., 12mo. Fair, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed to 'My dear friend', and with the name of the recipient obliterated from the valediction: 'Will you give my sincere and grateful remembrances to your noble hearted husband? and believe me | dear <...> | Every affectionately, | [signed] Charles Swain'. He can put off 'the evil day' no longer, and must now 'give in to circumstances' and reluctantly inform her that he cannot come and visit. 'After all the enjoyment I promised myself in your society this is hard: and I go on picturing to myself your friendly faces and cordial welcome until my heart aches to see the impediments standing in the way of so much (unnusual) pleasure.' He feels sure she has been 'calling me all sorts of names', 'but something has occurred - which had to be met and set right:- and I am now left with as many more disjointed things to cope with as will take a month to remove'. In a postscript he conveys the regards of his wife and family, before ending: 'A shake of the hand to my old friend Jerdan should you see him. - When is that 4th Vol to astonish the world?' The reference is to the fourth volume of Jerdan's 'Autobiography', which appeared in 1853.