[Anne de Vere Chamberlain, widow of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.] Typed Letter Signed ('Anne Chamberlain') to journalist Collin Brooks, regarding his editorship of 'Truth' and the possibility of a meeting.

Anne de Vere Chamberlain [née Cole] (1883-1967) wife of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (1869-1940), proponent of Appeasement of Nazi Germany [Collin Brooks (), journalist]
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On letterhead 8 Chester Square, S.W.1 [London]. 15 October 1954.
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Anne Chamberlain stood before the crowds on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with her husband and the members of the royal family, following his return with the 'piece of paper', 30 September 1938. 1p., 12mo. On blue paper. In fair condition, worn and lightly-creased, with a couple of staple-marks at head. The salutation and valediction are written in flowing autograph: 'Dear Mr. Brooks' and 'Yours sincerely | With all kind remembrances | Anne Chamberlain'. She has 'noticed lately an alteration in the reading matter, as well as the cover, of “Truth.”', and hopes that 'this does not mean that you have given up being the Editor?' She asks to hear from him, and invites him 'to look in to sherry some day'. The note is accompanied by a leaf carrying a page of typed transcription of an undated entry from Brooks's journal, including: 'I am also finishing at leisure Sam Hore's Nine Troubled Years. […] Talking of Sam, here is a long-behind-the-times letter from Mrs Neville'. Brooks had relinquished the editorship, after twelve years, the previous year.