[ 'Anne Bridge', pseudonym of the novelist Mary Ann Dolling Sanders O'Malley. ] Typed Letter Signed ('Ann Bridge') to her admirer 'Miss Cond' [ Eileen M. Cond ].

'Ann Bridge', pseudonym of Mary Ann Dolling Sanders O'Malley (1889-1974), also known as Cottie Sanders, English novelist and friend and biographer of the mountaineer George Mallory
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On letterhead of 27 Charlbury Road, Oxford. 13 February 1970.
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1p., 4to. She thanks her for her letter, and agrees to inscriber her bookplate. 'I am so glad that you have got "The Malady in Madeira"; I do hope you will enjoy it, especially as you know Madeira. I think it was rather fun, and the plot really up-to-date.' She thanks her for advertising her books as well as buying them, calling her 'the perfect fan!' The letter concludes: 'I don't in the least mind being classed with all the ladies you mention, though I am ashamed to say I have never read a word of any of them.' Apparently 'Eileen Cond was a book collector who sent out her bookplate to her favorite authors, many of whom signed and returned them to her.'