[ Walt Disney, animator. ] Full-page colour cartoon strips from the English edition of 'Mickey Mouse Weekly', including 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Cinderella'.

[ Walt Disney, animator ] [ Alice in Wonderland ]
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Printed for the proprietors Willbank Publications, Ltd, by Odhams Press, Ltd, London. From the issues of 29 July 1950 and 21 July, 1951.
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Six leaves extracted from the two issues, carrying six pages of coloured cartoon strips, with black and white text and illustrations on their reverses. In fair condition, lightly aged. Comprising: front cover of issue for 19 July 1950, carrying 'Donald's Swan Song | In the Swim!' [ featuring Donald Duck ]; the back cover of the same issue, carrying part of a serial titled 'Cinderella | Walt Disney's Greatest Film'; front cover of issue for 21 July 1951, carrying 'Walt Disney presents Unlucky Dip!' [ featuring Donald Duck and Goofy ]; back cover of same issue, featuring the start of a serial titled 'Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland'; centre pages of same issue, featuring 'The Adventures of Thumper and his Friends', 'Cubby and Tubby' and 'Jaq and Gus'. The 'Alice in Wonderland' page starts the story in a markedly different way from the original: 'On a lonely, lazy, summer afternoon, Alice was lying dreamily beside the smiling river, while her elder sister read lessons from the history book all about kings and queens who wore golden crowns- -'. While she played with her cat Dinah, 'Alice's thoughts were tiptoeing away to a sweet, dreamy wonderland, all her own - - -'.